Single Crochet
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Single crochet

Single crochet is the next stitch you should master when learning to crochet. It can form quite a firm and close fabric depending on your choice of hook and yarn. It also makes a great background for cross stitch and other embellishments.

First of all you need to start by working some chains.

  1. Let's say you should work 17 chains as a foundation - don't forget, the stitch on the hook is never counted as a stitch - only count the chains already worked.
  2. Then, push your hook into the 2nd chain from the hook. Count along this way...1 loop on hook, 1 chain, then **push your hook into the next chain. You should have 2 'bars' of yarn across the top of your hook and one below.
  3. Yarn Over (like you did when forming your chains), then pull the new loop through to the front of the chain. You now have 2 loops on your hook.
  4. Yarn over again (YO), and pull this through the other 2 loops already on the hook. Now you should have only 1 loop left on your hook.

That's your first single crochet stitch - Great Job! Now go back to the** and repeat the formation of each stitch until you reach the end of your chain - you should have 16 stitches.

Now, turn over your work so you'll be working from right to left again. You will now see that there is a row of 'V's along the top of your row. Each stitch of your next row should be worked by pushing your hook under both 'bars' of the 'V'. Actually, if you hold up your work to the light you will see that there is a small hole formed directly beneath each 'V' where you need place your hook. Useful, eh?

Work 1 chain (written as 'Ch 1' in patterns), then start from the ** again. You should form a single crochet in each 'V' formed by the previous row starting in the last stitch of the last row (you should still be working 16 stitches - count them as you go to be sure you are correct).

Check out these photos for more help.

After your second row you should keep practicing and become proficient in single crochet before you move on to learning double crochet. You can make 2 squares and join them together to make a small coin purse, or you could make more squares and join them to make a small shoulder bag.

Here are some single crochet tips...

  • Do not twist your foundation chain. Keep the 'V' side facing you.
  • Single crochet is the only stitch where you should work a stitch in the very first 'hole' of the row to keep the correct number of stitches.
  • The stitch 'hole' is always slightly to the left of each of the stitches in the previous row when working in rows.

Ok - now you've practiced single crochet you can move on to double crochet.

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