Purse Handles
So Many Choices!

Purse Handles - rattan Purse handles are a very important part of designing your own purse. The handle choice can affect whether you get just a glance on the street, or whether that someone runs over to you almost knocking you over and asks exactly where you got that simply gorgeous purse you're carrying.

There are so many versions of handles these days you're really spoiled for choice. But, here are some ideas for things you can use as handles, though you may not necessarily think of them that way...

Purse Handles - webbing and faux leather

  • belts
  • chains
  • upholstery trims
  • curtain tie-back cords or rope
  • twisted cord
  • crochet i-cord
  • mens' ties
  • wood or metal rods
  • strips of leather
  • basic braids
  • twine or jute
  • strung beads
  • scarves
  • strips of macrame
  • strips of old clothing or jeans
  • bandanas
  • knitted or crocheted pieces

Of course, if you're "imaginationally" challenged, you may just prefer to buy ready made purse handles at your local craft store. There you should find everything from colored moulded plastic versions to rattan or bamboo, from nylon webbing to imitation or real leather.

The choice is absolutely yours, but think about it. You took all that time to make your purse in the first place - give it the handles it deserves!

I'll be showing you how to make some of the above handles for your purses, so you'll have those choices open to you too, just in case one of them is the perfect fit for your project.

Are you ready to make some purse handles? Ok - off we go!

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