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Hi and welcome to the Purse Blog.

You know...we just can't wait to tell you what's going on here, so we decided this purse blog would be a cool way to keep you informed. This blog chat will keep you up to date on site happenings - every time a new page is added you'll see it listed and linked from here.

We'll indulge in Purse Chat - letting you know if we've seen any fun new 'must have' styles on our trips around town.

Also - we'll tell you what WIP's we have on the go, among many other things.

Interested? Well - in that case you should click on that little orange RSS button over there and subscribe to our RSS feed. That way we can send any updates directly to you. How does that sound? Go on - give it a try.

About Marly

Find out more than you ever wanted to know about Marly aka Yarn Thing

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The Purse Workshop Monthly

The Purse Workshop Monthly is an newletter for the purse and bag making enthusiast. If you want to know what is happening in the world of this wonderful accessory join in the fun!

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Contact Us

Contact us at the purse workshop and ask Jill and Marly a question you just have ot know!

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Knitting Instructions

Free knitting instructions and basic techniques. Also, some of the positives of learning how to do this wonderful pasttime.

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How To Knit

Learn how to knit for Free! Basic knit stitch instructions with pictures for both Continental and English Methods. This is the basic stitch of all knitting!

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Felting or Fulling - An Overview

Felting is a craft which is enjoying a revival right now. The craze is sweeping everywhere - find out how you can do it too.

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Purse Ideas - Cool Inspirations

These purse ideas may just spark some inspiration for you. Check out these great pictures and make a purse just for you.

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Free Purse Patterns

Free purse patterns for you to use. Find some fun, easy and free patterns for purses and bags for you.

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Felted Crochet Bag Pattern

The FREE Felted Crochet Bag Pattern named Rosewood was inspired by the trendy purses that teenagers are carying around. The reversable nature of the bag and the hip color choice makes it a great bag.

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Purse Handles - Will You Make Them Or Buy Them?

Purse handles can make or break the look of your bag. Be sure you make the right decision for your own purse and check out these neat ideas.

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