Knitting Continental Method
How To Hold Yarn

Knitting continental method (how to hold yarn), is very easy, well I'd say so anyway. Especially for crocheters, as you hold the yarn as you would if you were a right handed crocheter.

On this page, I'll tell you how to hold the yarn when knitting continental style. I'll also show you how to do it with some step-by-step photos. That'll definitely help you out.

Let's begin:

  1. The needle which holds the stitches to be worked is held in your left hand.
  2. The yarn wrapped around your left hand fingers for tension.
  3. I wrap the yarn around my left pinky twice.
  4. Then let the yarn float over the back of my hand to my left forefinger.
  5. The forefinger should be located at the top of the left needle ready to have the yarn worked into a stitch.

  6. I like to use my left middle finger and left thumb at the tip of the left needle in order to guide the yarn and for support while my left forefinger is in the air to maintain tension.
And that is it!

From here, you are ready to knit or purl.

Little Tip: It is important that your tension is not too tight and that the yarn is able to flow easily over or through your fingers as you work the stitches. If it is too tight, you'll have problems knitting the next rows.

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