Learn How To Sew

Ever wondered how to sew flat seams or seams where the stitches don't show? Ever thought you'd never be able to finish off your project neatly? Do you want to learn some basic sewing stitches and techniques that will last you a lifetime?

Have no fear! Here we'll show you the best ways to stitch together your projects whether they be knit, crocheted or fabric.

With only a few basic stitches you'll be armed and ready to tackle more involved projects than you imagined.

Some basic stitches we'll cover are...

  • Back Stitch - strong stitch often used for seams
  • Running Stitch - used for gathering and basting
  • Herringbone Stitch - great for joining knitted pieces - INVISIBLE! (if you do it right)
  • Whip Stitch (oversewing) - often used for joining crochet squares
  • Blanket Stitch - popular edging or joining stitch

As well as teaching you these basic functional stitches, we'll be helping you to embellish your projects with some basic embroidery stitches too.

No - you don't need a fancy embroidery machine to make your purses look great. It's amazing what just a few strategically placed decorative sewing stitches can do, but more about that later.

Let's hit the basics first, then once you have those mastered, you can forge ahead with some more involved pieces. The sky's the limit when it comes to embellishing!

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