Half Double Crochet
The In-betweenie Stitch

Half double crochet

You know, half double crochet is exactly what it says - half way to a double crochet stitch. If you already know how to work double crochet, then you'll have no problem here.

I know I keep saying it, but it really is easy. Here - I'll prove it!

How about some basic information first...

  • You'll need 2 chains to bring the row to the height of this stitch.
  • It's one chain longer than single crochet and one chain shorter than double crochet in height.
  • This stitch is just perfect for felted crochet, as it is a little more loose than single crochet, but not as loose as double, and so it felts more uniformly.

Let's begin...

  • Let's say you've already worked the correct number of chains (plus 2 chains to give the height of the first stitch), then yarn over once, push hook into 3rd chain from hook, yarn over and pull through to front of work (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all 3 loops (1 loop on hook). Ta-da! That's it - stitch complete!

See - I knew you could do it - so the first part is the same as double crochet and the second part is the same as single crochet, hence half double crochet, as it's exactly half way between the two.

Now - just work into each chain to the end of the row, turn, then chain 2 to begin the next row, and work into the next stitch.

If you're a visual learner - check out these useful pictures.

Just practice a little before taking on anything too large. Then you'll be ready to try a felted bag or two.

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