About Crochet...


Crochet is a wonderful ancient and, I think, quite therapeutic craft. You start a project with only the words or symbols of a pattern, a single hook and a long piece of yarn.

You work and manipulate the stitches at your own speed, you use your hands and your knowledge to form and create a piece of art. This finished artwork can be wearable, useful, beautiful, decorative or all of the above; but ultimately it has your time, effort, patience and love worked into each carefully formed stitch.

Crochet is incredibly versatile as a craft. You can create everything from hammocks to doilies, hats to slippers, and afghans to clothing, by working with everything from string to plastic bags, nylon to fabric strips or the finest cotton thread or softest alpaca yarn.

It is also a very fast creative process. You can easily finish a crochet project faster than a knitted one, though you will use slightly more yarn. Look out knitters when there are crocheters around - guard your precious stash, for you know that crocheters will finish the project first and then they'll be looking for another yarn supply!

But anyway - we are here to teach you how to crochet so you can apply these simple techniques and join us in creating some fantastic, fashionable and funky purses.

Here's some of what you can learn from us right here...

Are you ready to get started? Ok - let's go...

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