Blanket Stitch
Give An Edge To Your Projects

Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitch is another simple but effective stitch, named for the way it was used in the past. Now it's not just used to edge blankets, but it's used on jackets, sweaters, shoes and yes - bags and purses.

It's mostly used as a decorative edge, to draw attention to an edge or to add an easy trim to an otherwise insignificant spot. It's worked on the right side of an item and usually only on one layer of knitted, crocheted or woven fabric.

If you decide to use it as a joining stitch, then you should work it with the wrong sides of the item together, so it shows up on the right side. If you use it the other way, it will turn out to be bulky and unsightly when turned right side out.

Now on to the's how to work Blanket Stitch...

  1. Thread blunt end needle (if working with yarn).
  2. Weave in end on back of work for approx. 3-4 inches then take a small stitch over the edge of the project to secure end.
  3. At right hand end of edge with right side facing you, push needle through from back to front of work directly below small securing stitch.
  4. Work over this same spot again by taking the needle over the edge of the project and coming back through to the front through the same hole.
  5. Now, take your needle and slip it under the stitch at the edge of your work form right to left (don't pull too hard here).
  6. Take your needle behind your work (about the same distance from your first stitch as your stitch is long) and push through from back to front. Before you pull the rest of your yarn through, pull the secured end of yarn down and tuck it over your needle, then pull the remainder of the yarn through carefully. Your securing stitch and your next stitch now look as if they are linked together by the yarn along the edge of your project - don't pull yarn tight.
  7. Now, repeat step 6 until you reach the end of your edge. At the top of your last stitch take a small securing stitch through your work again, weave in approx. 3-4 inches of yarn, gently stretch fabric along woven in area, then snip off end.

See below for illustrations.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial

Ok - there we are! You now know how to work Blanket Stitch.

Here are some tips so you don't get discouraged...

  • Stitch size depends on fabric or project thickness -
    thicker fabric = larger stitches
    finer fabric = smaller stitches.
  • Stitches should be about same distance apart as each stitch is from the edge of the project.
  • Do not pull any part of the stitch too tight - this can cause puckering of the stitch itself and result in no "give" or stretch in the edge of the project.

Try it around the flap of a felted messenger style bag or around the top of a tote for added interest. You could even use it to stitch up the edges of a bag before or even after felting. Let's get that imagination going!

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