So here it is, the very first issue. You have signed up and waited for nearly three months and I hope it was worth the while.

The big question is what can you expect in these monthly issues? We plan on offering you a little insite into the world of creativity, knitting, crochet, sewing and design. As we discover valuable information about those topics you can be srue that we will let you know ASAP.

Seriously, the informatoin you will receive directly to your email inbox will be so valuable that you will want to create a save file just for this e-zine.

Well, let's get the show on the road. What do you say?

Designer Spotlight

To find new talent now days it is not hard. Discovering new talent, especially now with just about every designer out there owning their very own website, has become easier. Part of what I do for you my fellow purse-aholics is to keep a look out for outstanding designers on the internet just so I can tell you all about them. Isn't that great?

Well, the designer spotlight for this issue is a lady near and dear to my heart. It is fair to say that I didn't have to go far to find this one. Sharon aka She-Knits is one of my best friends, fellow podcasters and the co-host of the Summer and Holiday Kal-Cal's.

Sharon has been a knitter for over twenty years and finds relaxation in her knitting. When she discovered the joy of felting it was like somebody lite her fire. Now, she almost exclusivly designs and knits beautiful felted bags.

With some encouragement from her fans and family she started a very successful Etsy shop. Today, she not only has an outstanding website that not only sells completed projects but also offers these amazing patterns and kits for sale to us knitters.

As I mentioned, Sharon has a very popular podcast. What's great about the podcast is that Sharon takes all of the listeners along with her on this journey of submitting patterns to very popular magazines. See, although she has wonderful success on the website she wants to see her name in a publication just like many of us I suspect.

The listeners and fans of her work all know that her patterns are unbelievable and think that any magazine editor would be excited to see one of Sharon's patterns come across the desk. But at the same time, we also know that you never can tell what a magazine might be looking for, right?

Well, the wait is now over. Sharon has just been asked to have one of her patterns be published in the Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Knits AND another pattern in the 2008 issue of Interweave Felt. Needless to say, Sharon and her work is on the way up and deserves the spotlight. Wouldn't you say?

Sharon of She-Knits is our designer focus for the month of March. Go check her out at www.sheknitsforknitters.com.

What's New?

March will be a busy month for The Purse Workshop Monthly. It has been an amazing couple of months for Jill and I behind the scenes.

Jill has been working hard on pattern submissions to various magazines with much success. You will be able to find some of her great patterns in future issues of Interweave Crochet and in Crochet!

I have been working hard on my podcast and on pattern submissions myself. I have not received any news back yet but hopefully I won't have to wait much longer.

But, what about the site? What do we have planned for The Purse Workshop?

Jill and I plan on writing atleast three more patterns for both knit and crochet. We also plan on offering some more creative ideas to help you design your own bag or purse.

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Book Review

Well, I know that we as designers (if you aren't a designer yet you are on your way) are often on the look out for books that offer great information and cute designs to add to our bags and purses to make them our own.

I know that I often am adding various books to my library to help me out with my design process. I look at knitting books, crochet books, quilting books, embroidery books you name it I look at it.

The book I want to tell you about today is a crochet book. It is Crocheted Flowers by Nicky Epstein

Wonderful book full of beautiful flowers made out of various yarns and using different techniques. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best books on the market today for these fantastic embellishments. It is a must have for any crafters library.

Check it out and see for yourself :-)

Next Month

What can you expect next month from The Purse Workshop Monthly?

Along with all the great information offered to you in this issue you can anticipate getting a sneak peak at some great new skills that will be offered on the site.

We will also let you know more about the online knitting and crochet community phenomenon called Ravelry.

Until next month...keep sketching, keep swatching and don't be a slave to the patterns you make!

xoxox Marly and Jill